“Taking of flexures on main and auxiliary engines.

“Strikes on rudders.

“Drop taps on shaft lines.

“Calibration of anchor chains and anchors.

“Assembly and disassembly of rudders, shaft lines and propulsion propellers.

“Routing of main motors, auxiliary motors and pumps.

“Assembly, disassembly and routing of maneuvering propellers.

“Maintenance and repair of pumps, compressors, etc.

“Assembly, disassembly, chemical/ultrasonic cleaning and testing of coolers (tubular and plate).

“Disassembly, routing, testing and assembly of valves (cover, bottom, boiler and safety).

“Polishing of maneuvering and propulsion propellers.

“Disassembly, routing and assembly of mooring and maneuvering elements (windlasses, winches, deck rolls).

“Repair of mechanical elements, machinery and surfaces against corrosion, erosion, chemical attack, abrasion, wear, water resistance and weathering, with advanced polymer technology.

“Mechanical laser alignment of pumps, shaft lines, motors, alternators, propeller shafts, etc.

“Mechanical adjustments and precision machining:

    • Vertical lathe (up to 1400 mm diameter).
    • Parallel lathe (up to 1000 mm diameter x 3500 mm length).
    • Milling machine.
    • Flag drill.
    • On-site machining
    • Mortisers for keyways.
    • Automatic tapping machines.


Other services

Other services






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